NLP for stress manangement

Do you feel overstressed and anxious? Do you find it hard to relax on a daily basis and release all those disturbing thoughts you’re battling with?

-Are you sick of being a victim of circumstance and your environment?
-Tired of being a slave to your emotions?
-Do you feel like stress has taken control of your happiness?
-Are you sick of me asking you questions?

Hello, nice to meet you, name’s Ian, I had exactly the same problem for long, long years of my life. I was always stressed to the max. When I was young, I was called a worry-wart and told that I would have a heart-attack, ulcer or be bald by the age of 16. 

Can you imagine what happened when I got my first job?

The United States is the world leader in heart disease, stress and obesity (many times caused by stress). Heart disease is the number one killer in the US, according to the Center for Disease Control, and stress is directly related to heart disease. Heart disease kills about 1 million US men and women every year!

At some point of my life I came to the conclusion that my nervousness got way too dangerous and I HAD to find a solution and finally calm down. I would read books, watch DVD’s and go to seminars. And then I’d read even more books…and talk to people. And then, finally I found the answer – Neuro-Linguistic Programming!

Now, let me show you few simple and effective Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques that will help you overcome excessive stress and stay relaxed in everyday life situations!

In This Book I’ll Show You:

-Basic tools tailor-made for stress and anxiety management and my favorite relaxation techniques that helped me.
-How to stick to your NLP routine and your personal calming down strategy…
-How to minimalize stressors and adverse circumstances that keep you anxious and nervous
-The right mindset and lifestyle you should have and how to act to maintain low stress levels and finally chill out…
-And many, many more!

Table of Contents:

    • Chapter 1: What Is NLP?
    • Chapter 2: Getting Started (NLP Techniques for Stress Management)
    • Chapter 3: NLP During Your Stress Relief Program
    • Chapter 4: Maintain Relaxation And Never Feel Overstressed Again
  • Conclusion – Your Personal Success For Life!

Take action now!Set the beginning of change.

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