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The web-shop of SOMSP is a specialized store with books and media in the field of Mental Space Psychology (MSP).

MSP is a collective term for all forms of psychology and psychotherapy that rely on and work with the mental space.

The space around and in a person, where all his thoughts (images) are unconsciously placed and found, are called his mental space. The psychology of the mental space builds all theory and all (psychotherapy) practice on the idea that space is the primary organizing principle in the brain.

MSPThe experience is 3 dimensional but the language is 1 dimensional. As a result, the chance of distortion of the original experience through verbal communication can not be avoided.

In psychotherapy, spatial interventions are effective because they make use of the "work memory" of the brain: space.

By trying to stay as close as possible to the original images of the person concerned in psychotherapy and adding as little distortion as possible to the communication, the purest result can be achieved.

The Shop for Mental Space Psychology offers books and other media from authors who have included the mental space in their specific approach to psychology or psychotherapy.

We wish you inspiration in finding the right books or videos.