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Coming to Wholeness

If you want a way to have an easier and more satisfying life, this book may well be the elusive “how to” you’ve been searching for. A series of crises in the author’s life led her on an intensive search for solutions. The result is a new method of personal transformation that is simpler, gentler, more direct, and also appears to be more effective and dependable than previous approaches. What makes Wholeness Work unique is that it’s based on a spiritual teaching about awakening-but goes farther to offer a method that’s specific, precise and universally accessible. You don’t need to have spiritual interest or beliefs to benefit. In this book, you’ll find real-life stories from people who’ve done this work and report: -A natural melting away of issues that previously seemed unresolvable-An increased sense of wellbeing-A deep relaxation and resetting of the nervous system-Greater access to a natural wisdom, compassion, humor and creativity This method has helped people with relationship issues, insomnia, difficult emotions, pre-migraine auras and much more. Even some physical issues have shown improvement. People report “It feels gentle-but has a powerful impact. “Eastern Spirituality brings us concepts such as “enlightenment” and “loss of the ego.” But for many, the actual experience of these is mysterious and seems esoteric. Can a state of “enlightenment” actually be accessible to the ordinary person? In answering this question, Wholeness Work is a breakthrough in the fields of both spirituality and personal transformation. It isn’t a magic pill that you can try one time and then life is perfect. Instead, it’s a step-by-step approach that brings profound benefits to those seeking personal transformation and/or spiritual growth. Doing the Wholeness Work feels like a kindness to yourself as you’re doing it; the only side effect is that your life continues improving-gradually and dependably. If you want a simple, reliable, direct way to make life better, you’ve just found it. Praise for Coming to Wholeness: ”
This is a game changer. I was first introduced to the Wholeness Work by a coach who used the method with my wife and me to profound effect. It is the essential ingredient for all personal transformation- presented clearly in this gem of a book. I hope it opens worlds for you.”

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