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This Book Includes Manipulation, Hypnosis, Emotional Intelligence, Communication, NLP

Inside Manipulation You Will Learn:

  • The Exact Tactics Used By The Likes of Donald Trump and Steve Jobs to Get Whatever They Want, Whenever They Want, From Whoever They Want.
  • How to Break Past Someone’s Facade and Make Them Divulge Their Deepest Secrets WITHOUT SAYING A WORD
  • Dirty Tricks You Can Use Today to Start Elevating Your Reputation, Status, & Power Instantly
  • How to Utilize ”Invisible” Techniques of Manipulation to Make People Do What You Want Without Them EVER Noticing! The Skillset That Will Allow You to Literally Mind Read Anyone (USE WITH CAUTION: You Will Be Shocked at How Dangerously Effective This is!)

Inside Hypnosis You Will Learn:

  • This One Bizarre Tactic That Will Seduce Your Target Into Following Your Every Thought, Word & Action
  • The Secret to Successful Delegation & Making People Do Things For You Willingly (Most Books About Delegation Get This Wrong!)
  • The 6-Step Exercise to Cultivating a Powerful Hypnotic Voice.
  • How this 4-Step Process Can Short-Circuit ANYONE’s Defensive Mind & Make Them Susceptible to Your Influence
  • How to Amass A Cult-Like Devotion Using Deep Tribal Psychology! (PLEASE NOTE: Use This Indoctrination Tactic Morally & Ethically ONLY)

Inside Emotional Intelligence You Will Discover:

  • 3 Psychologically Empowering Techniques to Gain Complete Total Mastery & Control Over Your Own Emotions
  • This ONE Weird Secret Behind The World’s Most Powerful Individual’s Success In Their Life, Business & Relationships… You Will Kick Yourself In Disbelief Once You Discover This…
  • The Dirty Little Secrets to Mastering The Art of ”Long-Game” Persuasion In Your Social Relationships (And Why Most Quick Fix Tactics Fail Miserably!)
  • Tactics To Develop Powerful Interpersonal Skills In The Workplace & Shoot to the Top of the Corporate Ladder
  • How to Set Off An Upward Spiral of Constant, Perpetual Growth in Your EQ for Compounding Success (You Can Use This To Achieve in 1 Month What Most People Achieve in An Entire Year!)

Inside Communication You Will Discover:

  • Performance Principles of Influence Used by The Likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Leo DiCap & Benjamin Franklin to Magnetically Captivate Attention of a Room
  • How to Become 100% Fearless in Public Speaking, Presentations, & High Stake Deals
  • A Lethal 3-Step Process to Mind Read ANYONE In A Boardroom, a Meeting, or a Job Interview (Use This Closely Guarded Tactic Wisely & You Will Be Rewarded Handsomely…)
  • The Secrets to Becoming High Status INSTANTLY By Flipping This ONE Switch In Your Mind!
  • This Strangely Simple Rejection-Proof Method Will Help You Get Your Way Much More Smoothly & With Less Effort

Inside NLP You Will Discover:

  • How To Gain Complete Mastery Over Human Thinking for Total Control of ANYONE’s Mind!
  • The Shocking 5-Step Process to Deploy Hypnosis & Gain Influence Over Your Target to Obey EXACTLY What You Want Them to Do
  • This ONE Jedi Mind Trick to Keep Your Followers in a Permanent State of Unquestionable Loyalty (Applicable to Any Situation!)
  • The Lazy Man’s Method’s to Ultimate Influence by Utilizing Low Effort-High Compliance Strategies
  • The Dirty Little Secret Mind Control Tactics Used by CEO’s, High Level Executives, & Men of Power to Make ENTIRE Organizations Do Exactly As They Wish

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